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What Is "Speediatrics”?

In our dental practice, we often encounter parents whose young children are apprehensive about receiving dental treatment, either due to past traumatic experiences at the dentist, or a general fear of healthcare environments. The cornerstone of our approach involves using behavior and behavioral management techniques to alleviate these fears. We achieve this by breaking down the procedure into terms that the child can easily understand, followed by a swift and precise execution of the treatment. This combination of education and quick action, which we’ve playfully named “Speediatrics!” prevents fear from escalating, ensuring a positive and efficient dental care experience for the young child.

Our Top Five Approaches To Helping Your Child Feel More Comfortable

Voice Modification

Our dental team meticulously utilizes a calm and reassuring tone, recognizing its essential role in making children feel secure. This approach is instrumental in mitigating dental fear and cultivating a trusting environment, ensuring that young patients are both comfortable and confident in their dental care experience.


Education is central to our practice. We take time to carefully explain pediatric dental treatment processes in child-friendly terms, demonstrate them, and perform as explained. This approach is fundamental in behavioral management, ensuring both parents and children have an enjoyable dental experience. For complex treatments, we may use general anesthesia as part of our behavior guidance to ensure a comfortable, stress-free visit for children, aiming to make dental care accessible and positive for young patients. 

Positive Reinforcement

Recognizing and celebrating children’s behavior, no matter how small, is essential. Through big smiles, verbal praise, or we are firm believers in guiding children toward appropriate behaviors. Making future visits to the dentist is something they can look forward to. This method is a cornerstone of dental behavior management, promoting healthy child development.


Dr. Wiley, with a personal connection to someone with special healthcare needs infuses our pediatric dentistry practice by bringing a unique empathy and dedication toward treating pediatric dental patients. This profound background motivates our entire team to excel in providing care tailored to children with diverse needs, especially in managing caries and other dental conditions. Each dental visit is designed to be a positive experience, where treatments are administered with utmost compassion by a pediatric dentist committed to making a difference. Our approach ensures that every child receives the specialized attention necessary for their dental health and well-being.


Observing peers or siblings undergo the same dental procedures can significantly reduce dental fear in children. To this end, we sometimes perform check-ups on a child’s favorite toy to demystify the process, employing this technique as part of our comprehensive dental behavior management strategy.

If Sedation Is Necessary

Many factors are considered when suggesting sedation options such as medical history, age, treatment, and behavior. Children who may benefit from sedation dentistry may have:

Nitrous Oxide

This is a blend of two gasses: oxygen & nitrous oxide. When inhaled, it is absorbed by the body and has a calming effect. Your child will remain conscious and alert throughout the procedure, yet they will experience a sense of well-being and relaxation and be less worried about the sights, sounds and sensations associated with dental treatment. Nitrous oxide is one of the safest treatment options in dentistry and is quickly eliminated from the body by normal breathing. 

We Welcome Parents!

There is no one more familiar to YOUR child than YOU. We encourage you to accompany them during their entire visit so you can talk to them and encourage them in your own voice and words. It is also important for parents to see how their child handles routine dental care so that they better understand our recommendations if treatment is needed. We have found that a family member’s presence can make a paramount difference in calming them and reducing their fears. If you, as a parent, experience dental anxiety, your child may also sense that feeling. In these cases, we ask that you notify a member of our team so that we can prepare to help your child more effectively. 

No Restraints

We do not endorse the use of restraints in pediatric dental care, as it can heighten a child’s anxiety. Instead, our practice leans towards oral to foster a more serene dental experience. Alongside this, we ensure our team uses positive facial expressions and a gentle demeanor to create a calming environment, crucial in managing children’s behavior and easing fears about dental visits. This approach not only helps children stay relaxed in the dental chair but also aids in building trust and confidence in dental care from an early age.

Open Office Concept

A traditional dental office environment can overwhelm even the bravest children (and even adults). Our office caters to your child and we have put significant effort into creating a comfortable, open office environment. From the bright colors and playful imagery, our goal is to put your child (and you) at ease. We know the dentist can be stressful, but it is our goal to make the experience an enjoyable one!

Why Choose Speedway Pediatric Dentistry In Indianapolis, IN For Dental Behavior Management?

Our team, specializing in pediatric dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, is skilled in managing the dental needs of children, including those with special needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your child’s oral health.

We provide a wide array of services from dental cleanings, checkups, and addressing tooth decay with dental crowns, to more complex procedures like root canals, all designed to tackle dental issues effectively.

Emphasizing early oral treatments and preventive care, including the use of dental sealants, to prevent cavities and maintain oral health, ensuring your child’s primary and permanent teeth remain healthy.

Our clinic creates a welcoming atmosphere for children, integrating child psychology into our practice to make dental visits a positive experience, even for those with anxiety or fear of dental procedures.

Utilizing the latest in dental technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, from dental radiographs to the latest in oral surgery techniques.

Offering education on oral care practices to prevent dental problems and guidance for parents on how to maintain their child’s teeth, highlighting the importance of early oral care.

Focusing on the unique needs of young teeth, including the importance of treating primary teeth and preparing for the emergence of permanent teeth, to prevent future dental issues.

Easy new patient form process to ensure we understand your child’s dental and medical history from the first visit, making Speedway Pediatric Dentistry the ideal choice for your child’s dental care needs.

Choose Speedway Pediatric Dentistry for expert pediatric dental care in Indianapolis. We’re committed to ensuring your child’s smile remains bright and healthy through personalized, gentle care. 

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