First Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and The American Dental Association (ADA) both claim that your child’s first dental visit should occur within six months after the their first tooth appears, but no later than their first birthday. We also recommended that it is helpful to meet the dentist and our staff when your child isn’t having any problems to get them used to the environment, and get to know us instead of waiting until an emergency comes up. During this first visit, we can also show you how to clean your child’s teeth, discuss diet and fluoride needs, recommend oral care products. Similar to your first visit with your pediatrician, we are equipped to answer specific questions about your baby’s teeth and make sure everything looks good from the very beginning. If your child is a toddler, we will gently examine their teeth and gums, looking for decay and other problems and If necessary, recommend a cleaning. It is also important that we check for problems related to habits such as prolonged thumb or finger sucking and excessive teeth grinding.