Secrets About Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a great perk when you can get it, but many covered families are still surprised by the bill for pediatric dentistry services. Today’s dental insurance doesn’t cover every service your child needs. Insurance companies have a great deal of control over the care your family receives. In some cases, the services covered by insurance don’t match your dentist’s care plan. Learn more about dental insurance and how the best pediatric dentists at Speedway Pediatric Dentistry will work with you to navigate your benefits.

Maximum Annual Coverage Amounts

If you’re like most families, your dental insurance has a maximum annual coverage limit of $1,000. This means that the insurance policy will only cover $1,000 worth of service for each covered family member.

For some members of your family, this amount of coverage might be plenty. Some kids seem gifted with healthy teeth and gums and rarely see cavities. However, other children need more care. Kids who struggle with sensory issues, dental anxiety, inadequate enamel, or other concerns may require more dental visits each year. If your children are regularly using up their dental benefits before the year is out, contact an Indianapolis pediatric dentist at Speedway Pediatric Dentistry to discuss your options.

Preventative Care

Dental insurance tends to include preventative care appointments each year. Many policies cover one or two dental cleanings each year, as well as x-rays every few years to track progress. Again, this level of care can be suitable for some children, but it’s not appropriate for everyone. If your family has a genetic makeup or lifestyle that threatens dental health, your kids may need more frequent appointments.

Limits on x-rays can be especially troublesome for young patients. A child’s mouth develops rapidly, and every kid’s dental center understands the need for regular x-rays. X-rays can be used to track potential cavities, make sure that adult teeth are growing as expected, and refer patients for braces as needed. Talk to your IN kids dentist about your child’s oral health if you’re dealing with x-ray limitations.

Pre-existing Conditions

Dental policies sometimes include a sneaky clause stating that pre-existing conditions won’t be covered by insurance. If your child has been covered by dental insurance for their entire life, then they should be exempt from this work-around. However, if your family has faced gaps in dental insurance, then your child may run into this problem.

Any good dental office for kids understands that young children rarely have pre-existing conditions. Children grow multiple sets of teeth in their first ten years, so most dental problems faced by children are new. Your dentist for children in Indianapolis can help you navigate the insurance process if your child genuinely has a pre-existing condition. The friendly, dedicated dentists at Speedway care about your family’s health and want to make sure your child enjoys a lifetime of solid teeth, regardless of your insurance clauses.

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