Stocking Stuffers That Help To Maintain Oral Hygiene

Stockings are ideal for filling with various small items that your kid may not know. What could be more special than giving your child a bright, healthy smile? In addition to candy canes and other sweets, you can fill your child’s store with various items, from small toys to healthy, homemade foods and even toothpaste.

Here Are Some Suggestions for Getting Your Kids Interested In Taking Care Of Their Teeth This Year!

A New Toothbrush

A new toothbrush is exciting for everyone, and finding the right one for your child can be just as exciting. Children’s Dental Indianapolis IN recommends changing your toothbrush after three to four months. So why not start the new year with a brand-new toothbrush?

Choose a brush that features one of their favorite cartoon characters for young children. Because kids’ gums are sensitive, use a toothbrush with small heads and soft bristles. Also, choose a brush with a comfortable handle to hold in their tiny hands.

Older kids will be happy to get an electric toothbrush in their favorite color, making brushing more accessible and more efficient. Electric toothbrushes are often on time, are an easy way to ensure that your teen brushes for a full two minutes.

Lollipops or Sugar-Free, Xylitol Gum

Kids love sweet surprises, and you can feel good about giving them this healthy treat. Chewing sugar-free Xylitol gum can help produce saliva, which helps wash away food particles trapped in your teeth. In addition, gum with xylitol has been shown to help prevent cavities, making it a must-have gift for the whole family.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth cushions are the best dental equipment for children who still lose their baby teeth. A lovely, pleasant tooth that they can take with them to bed will make them eagerly await the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

Toothpaste With Flavors

Fun-flavored toothpaste and floss will put a smile on everyone’s face. There are also some unique tastes to sample. Flavor options include watermelon, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, strawberry, and more. In addition, Cinnamon, coconut, strawberry, grape, bubble gum, orange, and even cupcake flakes are all available.

Mouthguard for Sports

Do you have any children who participate in sports? If so, consider getting a mouth guard to protect these beautiful teeth. Even if they already have one, a new color or style can increase their interest in continuing to wear it.

Kit For Dental Hygiene from Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN

Make the best oral hygiene kit that includes a variety of items, such as

  • A tiny mirror to look for food that has been left behind
  • A rinsing pop-up folding cup
  • A mini-toothbrush for cleaning on the move
  • Toothpaste in miniature
  • Flemish with a flavor
  • Mouthwash (mini)

Healthy Items Instead of Sugary Sweets

To maintain your child’s teeth healthy, you don’t have to forego the treats. Instead, replace the sugary sweets with healthier alternatives. For example, Clementine’s, almonds and dried fruit, granola bars, and popcorn make excellent gift stuffers.

Whitening kit

Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN recommends take home whitening kits, which include trays and gels that must be applied at regular intervals. When used properly, tech home kits can brighten teeth dramatically in just a week or two. They’re the perfect storage item for anyone looking for a new job, first date, graduation, or even the perfect wedding.

Minty Mouth

Sugar-free gum (search for one that includes xylitol), lip balm, or sugar-free mints can help your youngsters appreciate the pleasant flavor of a minty mouth. Certain companies even release Limited-edition tastes only for the holidays.


Like other citrus fruits, oranges are rich in enamel-damaging acid, but they are also abundant in vitamin C for healthy gums. Regularly consume them in moderation, and rinse your mouth with water afterward.


Chocolate, rather than sticky caramels or hard candies, should be included in your children’s stockings if you wish to have sweets. Chocolate melts rapidly, so it doesn’t stick around long on the teeth. It’s also high in calcium and antioxidants, which are both good for you. Teach your children to enjoy special delicacies like chocolate while rinsing their mouths with water to remove germs that cause cavities.

Drinking Straws

Reusable drinking straws may help the environment while protecting your children’s teeth. Straws operate as tunnels, preventing liquids from coming into touch with teeth. As a result, they prevent cavities, protect against surface stains (helpful information for future coffee drinkers), and protect sensitive teeth. Choose BPA-free, reusable straws made of acrylic, metal, glass, or recyclable materials.

Stripes of White

White strips are another over-the-counter whitening solution. Although Crest White Strips are popular, alternative kinds are just as effective. White Strips are less effective than in-office and take-home whitening, but they are also far less expensive and whiten your teeth many shades more rapidly. Again, you’ll get there if you follow the directions, but remember that white strips only brighten the front teeth, not the sides. In addition, they don’t usually stay as long since they remove a superficial layer of discoloration. In contrast, laser whitening, for example, may do more, faster. Nevertheless, white Strips are still a decent alternative if you’re searching for a stocking stuffer for around $70.


Reading is very beneficial to your child’s growth. So why not utilize this occasion to gift them a fun book that encourages them to practice proper dental hygiene? Picture books on brushing and flossing, the tooth fairy, and dental appointments are also available. Little dental care books for small children include Dr. Seuss’s “The Tooth Book” and Edward Miller’s “The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.” These books make learning how to take care of one’s teeth enjoyable.

Choose Stocking Stuffers That Will Make You Smile

Give your kid the gift of proper oral hygiene this holiday season with amusing dental stocking stuffers. Brushing and flossing will become more appealing to your youngster due to these bright, energetic presents. Then, after the holidays are over, make an appointment with Growing Healthy Smiles to maintain your child’s teeth in good shape.