Should My Kid Get Invisalign?

Your child may never have to hear the phrase “brace face.” When straightening the teeth of children, metal braces are no longer the first option. 4.3 million patients aged 17 or younger received Invisalign treatment in just 2016.

It’s understandable to have reservations about this cutting-edge orthodontic procedure given that the majority of parents had traditional metal braces when they were younger. The following information will help you decide whether to get Invisalign for your children or teenagers.

What is Invisalign?

A dental procedure called Invisalign is intended to straighten teeth and cure other dental issues. The transparent plastic aligners gently force misaligned teeth into place and promote jaw alignment.

You’ll get sets of aligners to wear over a few weeks or months after your Invisalign treatment starts. Each set advances you to the subsequent stage of therapy, gradually straightening your teeth. At your next session, you’ll get a fresh set of aligners, and the orthodontist will make sure the treatment is proceeding according to plan.

Invisalign is practical

Aligners for Invisalign can be removed entirely. In reality, your children will take them to a restaurant and the dentist at Children Dental Indianapolis IN. The aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day.

That gives kids some flexibility, which is fantastic. They are permitted to wear their aligners for several hours per day. If your child enjoys band or athletics, they can carry on with their regular schedule. This degree of convenience is not provided by conventional braces that cannot be taken out. Your child won’t have to abstain from popcorn for the rest of their life.

It Works Just as Well as Braces

When used properly, Invisalign is just as effective as traditional braces. It can handle all typical orthodontic problems. Underbites, overbites, crowding, and gaps between your teeth are examples of this. From moderate to severe illnesses can be treated with it.

The majority of teenagers are excellent candidates for this therapy. Braces and Invisalign treatment often last similar amounts of time and expense.

Shorter Visits to the Dentist

More than ever, children and teenagers lead busy lives. They frequently participate in various sports as well as other extracurricular activities. They could even be employed.

Even finding time for leisure activities like resting and going to the Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN might be challenging. Because it involves less time in the dentist’s chair, Invisalign is an excellent alternative for straightening your children’s teeth. Because traditional braces only move your teeth when wires are tightened or altered, many dental visits are necessary. This must be carried out often, typically once or twice each month.

This entails time off from work for you and from school for your children. These regular appointments are not necessary with Invisalign. Your child can change aligners at home, but you’ll still need to visit us every month or two to make sure your treatment is effective.

Aligners may disappear

Your children must handle their Invisalign treatment responsibly. Parents frequently worry that their children could misplace their aligners when using Invisalign. This is a possibility, although most dental clinics provide replacement aligners at discounted prices when this occurs.

Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN are aware that even well-behaved children and teenagers occasionally misplace their aligners. In such a case, Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN will work with you to find a new aligner that is reasonably priced.

Aligners are easy to clean

Parents should be relieved to learn how simple it is to clean Invisalign aligners. While they clean and floss their teeth, your children will take out their aligners. Then, they only use a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water to brush the aligners.

Because toothpaste is extremely abrasive and can create noticeable scratch marks or make already present ones stand out, they shouldn’t use it. If your children’s aligners aren’t sufficiently clean with this practice, Invisalign has a cleaning kit that may be purchased.

Cavities are less likely to develop with Invisalign

The fact that Invisalign provides a lower chance of developing cavities than conventional braces is one of its main selling factors for parents. You do your hardest as a parent to encourage your children to practice good dental hygiene. Kids with braces frequently have to utilize new equipment and spend more time than they would like to concentrate on oral hygiene.

Because food can become stuck and because there are places where plaque can accumulate that are challenging to brush, braces increase the risk of cavities. Your children will take out their Invisalign aligners to eat and wash their teeth. They do not need to alter their dental hygiene regimen other than to clean their aligners. It lessens your and their stress.

The benefits of Invisalign for athletes

You might worry about the possibility of oral injuries if your child participates in sports, especially if they are wearing braces. Many activities that children and teenagers partake in can be strenuous and easily result in mouth injuries. Due to the metal brackets, these hazards are increased for children wearing braces.

Even light contact with metal or wire inside a child’s mouth might result in a cut and a bleeding lip. Invisalign not only eliminates this risk but also gives athletes the option to swap out their aligners for mouth protection.

Confidence is increased by Invisalign

Parents occasionally overlook how humiliating having crooked teeth may be for a child. Unfortunately, wearing metal braces has its own set of social issues. The stigma associated with wearing braces is gone with Invisalign. They may be taken off at any time, even during that first kiss you’re undoubtedly dreading, by your child or adolescent. If food gets trapped in their braces, your kids won’t have to be concerned. The alternative is to give them a straight grin, which will amplify their confidence without making matters worse.

Do I need Invisalign?

We encourage you to come in for a consultation to Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN if you and your children or teenagers are still debating whether to get Invisalign. Our staff will assess your particular situation and assist you in deciding whether Invisalign is the best option for your family. Additionally, we can provide information about insurance coverage and flexible payment plans.