How To Soothe Baby Teething Fever: Ask A Pediatric Dentist?

When babies acquire teeth, they often have a fever. Their first teeth appear around six months of age. A temporary rise in body temperature and fever can be caused by the gum breaking through the teeth. Follow these simple advises by Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN to calm his fever and ensure he keeps smiling!

 Fever in baby- and when the baby teeth appear?

According to specialists at Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN Fever may occur as a result of teething. This is generally a very punctual occurrence. There is indeed some risk of a small fever when a tooth pierces the gum. However, this rarely lasts longer than one or two days. The long period before it, called teething, does not cause a fever.

Baby teeth: An anti-fever medicine suggested by Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN.

You can give your baby medicine if a fever rises during the breakthrough. If your child is older than 6 months old, you may want to consider paracetamol or ibuprofen to help bring down their fevers. However, you do not necessarily need to take any drugs if the temperature is below 38.5 ° C. As a matter of fact, fever is not an illness, but merely a symptom. Because of this, it cannot be treated. However, it can be controlled. Following the instructions on the medication leaflet will help you determine how much to administer based on the weight of the child.

How to suppress teething fever in other ways

If your baby develops a fever as a result of the breakthrough, you should take the following steps suggested by our Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN

  • Take her for a lukewarm bath. Please refrain from insisting if you don’t think this is beneficial for him. We recommend avoiding hot and cold baths.
  • Wear light clothing to cover the area. Here again, make sure of his well-being. A sheet or light blanket may be sufficient to cover it.
  • Keep him hydrated with small amounts of water on a regular basis. As a result of fever, one may dehydrate, so it is crucial to compensate for this.
  •  Check the temperature in his room: it should not be too hot. A temperature of 20 ° C is ideal.

Consult an Indianapolis pediatric dentist if your baby has a fever while teething

It is never a good idea to ignore a feverish rise. Do not hesitate to consult your pediatric dentist if your fever does not fall quickly or lasts more than 48 hours. Your fever could be an indication of an infection, whether bacterial or viral. Find out what is causing this fever. If the temperature is over 40 ° C and the baby is convulsing, irritable, or drowsy, it is a medical emergency. You should seek immediate medical assistance.

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