How To Make Tooth Brushing More Fun For Your Children

Your child’s oral health is a primary priority for you as a parent. Teaching children, particularly little children, appropriate oral care may be difficult. Meanwhile, making teeth brushing enjoyable is critical for instilling lifetime brushing and flossing routines. We know how to make brushing your teeth enjoyable, and we want to share that joy with you and your family.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Brushing and flossing should be a family affair

Setting a good example for your children is one of the most effective ways to make cleaning your teeth enjoyable. Brush and floss with your children at least twice a day, especially once before night, to set a positive example. You may even have them practice cleaning your teeth if they’re little. Brushing together as a family will develop consistency, making it easier for youngsters to adopt good behaviours. Plus, giving your youngster more family time and attention is never bad! To achieve family objectives, it’s sometimes necessary to work together, and appropriate dental care is well worth the additional effort!

Make a two-minute brushing “contest.”

Brushing teeth for two minutes twice a day, especially before night, is recommended for adults and children. Make brushing your teeth a game by setting a timer for two minutes and requiring the “winner” to brush for the whole two minutes without stopping. This sort of activity can instill a feeling of friendly competitiveness in your children while encouraging them to wash their teeth correctly — a win-win situation!

Get a special toothbrush for your child

As adults, we lose sight of the fun of bringing toys into our daily lives. Recreate the charm of childhood by rewarding your youngster with a unique toothbrush of their selection. You’ll discover that turning the toothbrushing procedure into a game using “toys” of some type is one unique technique to make cleaning teeth enjoyable.

Is there a favourite colour or character in your child’s favourite movie or television show? If that’s the case, you could discover that brushing their teeth is more fun if they have a toothbrush that includes their favourite colour, character, or both. Allow them to select their toothbrush if they want to take it to the next level. Show them where to look for American Dental Association-approved toothbrushes and have them choose one. Brushing their teeth with their toothbrush will give children a feeling of ownership.

Play Make-Believe

Use pretend play after cleaning your toddler’s teeth to educate them more about teeth brushing. Tell them it’s now their time to brush. To keep Dolly’s teeth healthy, have your kid “wash their teeth” with their favourite doll or stuffed animal. But remember that your kid, not the doll, needs toothpaste.

Brushing your teeth regularly should be rewarded

Reward children’s good conduct by making brushing and flossing twice daily something they look forward to. Begin by selecting a basic incentive (such as gold stars) and granting it only when children brush and floss as directed. Create a weekly brushing calendar to encourage consistency after youngsters have mastered the mechanics and schedule of brushing. Each week of perfect daily brushing results in a larger reward.

Allow your toddler to run the show

Allow your kid to brush first if they are at an age when they want to do everything themselves. After they’ve finished brushing themselves, keep an eye on them so you can hit where they missed. This gives them some control by allowing them to go first. You may also observe how they move the brush up and down, left and right, or in circles and imitate that rhythm after you take over to make the experience more pleasant. You might even have them “assist” you in cleaning your teeth. Brush your teeth simultaneously as they do and take turns cleaning each other’s teeth.

Make a Special Outing of Visiting the Dentist

Going to the Children Dental Indianapolis IN means having a good time with the whole family. A visit to Childrens Dentist Indianapolis IN entails excellent dental treatment and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’ve seen adult patients pass on their joy to their families as an effective method to reduce fear and promote good connections with dental visits. Make it plain to your children that coming to the Kids Dentist Indianapolis IN is the culmination of their hard work establishing healthy dental practices. Avoid portraying it as a punishment for not brushing and flossing regularly. A phobia of the dentist may also be passed on from parents to their children. If you’re nervous about a Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis IN appointment, try to keep the conversation about going to the dentist in a neutral tone. If you or your kid is very nervous, please let Pediatric Dentistry Indianapolis IN know when you schedule your appointment so that they can alert their staff ahead of time.

Take the help of the Tooth Fairy

Not everyone recognizes that the tooth fairy prefers teeth that are free of cavities and are clean. Make sure your youngster is aware of this truth; it will inspire them to clean and floss their teeth regularly!

Make changes

If your kid has trouble brushing their teeth, a few adjustments might help make the process more fun.

  • Use warm water whenever possible! The jolt of cold water may be unsettling, and a simple temperature change can make all the difference.
  • Alter the taste of your toothpaste. Fruity, minty, and unflavored are all good options. While you’re figuring out what your youngster enjoys most, some dentists may give you samples, or you can acquire travel-sized bottles of toothpaste.
  • Brushes may be challenging for children who have sensory difficulties. You may use a soft-bristled brush or start with a washcloth to assist your child get acclimated to anything touching and brushing their teeth. Even a silicone toothbrush might be beneficial!
  • Make the switch to electric. Some children dislike standard toothbrushes, but an electric toothbrush may help. For some, the constant motion might be soothing.

We hope that you find this article fun and learnt a few good ideas to make brushing more fun for your children.