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Does Your Child Need Braces? 

As your child’s baby teeth fall out and their adult teeth grow in, you might wonder if the tooth fairy missed a stop. Adult teeth can look strange or out of place in your child’s beautiful smile. But how do you know the difference between growing pains and a real orthodontic problem? Keep reading to learn about orthodontics and how to tell if braces can help your child.

What Are Orthodontic Problems?

Orthodontic problems are common and are easily treated with braces. Some orthodontic problems are hereditary, which means they were passed down to a child from their parents. If you experienced issues with crooked teeth, an overcrowded mouth, atypical jaw structure, or other issues, your child could need orthodontic treatment.

Other orthodontic problems can develop over time due to your child’s habits. Old habits from early childhood such as thumb sucking, pacifier use, and mouth breathing can lead to orthodontic problems, even if your child outgrew these habits a long time ago. Children with these issues may have trouble with tooth spacing and bite placement.

10 Signs that Braces Could Help your Child

There are many signs your child could need braces. Have you noticed any of these common issues with your child?

  1. Baby teeth that don’t fall out at the typical ages
  2. Adult teeth that haven’t started growing in
  3. Difficulties bringing their teeth together in a bite
  4. Crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth
  5. Overbite, where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth
  6. Underbite, where the lower teeth come out beyond the upper teeth
  7. Cross-bite, where the top teeth don’t sit outside the bottom teeth
  8. Upper or more lacking teeth that point outward instead of up and down
  9. Accidentally biting themselves on the cheek or the roof of their mouth
  10. 10.Regular snoring or mouth breathing

If your child experiences these issues or any other problem with their teeth, braces may help them.

Explore The Benefits Of Braces

Braces are a lifelong gift to your child, bringing many long-term benefits. One benefit that’s hard to ignore is the confidence in a beautiful and healthy smile. Adult teeth can grow in unpredictable ways, but braces help your child look their best throughout their life.

However, braces also help improve your child’s dental health. Braces adjust and align your child’s bite, reducing their risk for both traumatic injuries such as broken teeth and wear and tear from teeth grinding. Mounts also make it easier for your child to keep their teeth clean. Properly aligned teeth have fewer nooks and crannies that can develop plaque, so your child’s long-term risk of decay and disease is reduced.

Braces adjust more than just teeth. They also correct the shape of your child’s jaw. Properly formed jaws lead to better breathing, reduced speech problems, and improved sleep. Solve these problems now to help your child move into puberty and adulthood.

Book A Braces Evaluation For Your Child

If you’ve wondered about your child’s smile, Speedway Pediatric Dentistry is here to help. Book an orthodontic evaluation to explore the best Pediatric Dentist Indianapolis options for your family. Your child’s smile will thank you.

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