About Us

Dr. Dillon Wiley was raised in the Indianapolis area, graduating from Zionsville Community High
School. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Certificate of Business through the
Liberal Arts and Management Program at Indiana University Bloomington. While at IU, he was
introduced to Dr. Kahn, who became a friend and mentor along his path to becoming a
pediatric dentist.

Dr. Wiley received his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from the Indiana University School of
Dentistry, where he was awarded the Dennis P. Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship for his
dedication to pediatric dentistry in the state of Indiana. He completed his Master of Science in
Dentistry and Certificate of Specialty through the Indiana University Pediatric Dentistry Program
at Riley Hospital for Children. His research in dental radiology was recognized at the American
Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) Annual Session 2019 as a Graduate Student Research
Award finalist. During residency, Dr. Wiley was selected to participate in the Leadership
Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) program, where he received
advanced training in family-centered planning and caring for those with special healthcare

Dr. Wiley is an avid sports fan, enjoys reading, water activities at the lake with his friends and
family, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and running/hiking with his dog, Russell. He feels
blessed with the opportunity to work with his mentor and practice in the community where he
grew up. He is excited to meet your family and assist with your oral healthcare needs!

Dr. Stan Herman began practicing pediatric dentistry in Indianapolis in 1961, while also teaching part time at Indiana University School of Dentistry. After a gas leak explosion condemned his office, Dr. Herman began searching for the perfect community to rebuild and expand his practice. He decided to move to our current location at 6211 W. 30th St. in the growing town of Speedway in 1976.

While completing his residency program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kahn was considering where he wanted to begin his career. Growing up in Indianapolis, he had a desire to move closer to his family, but also had opportunities to stay in Cincinnati. One of his faculty, a relative of Dr. Herman’s, suggested that the two meet to discuss their futures. Dr. Herman was not considering retirement, but could not pass up the opportunity to partner with a dentist that he thought was the perfect person to take care of his patients. The two met several more times over the next year and Dr. Kahn moved home to build his own legacy in 1990; 29 years after Dr. Herman first opened his office. The continued growth of the area and Dr. Kahn’s reputation led to the expansion of the practice into the adjacent office space in 1998.

Dr. Wiley was conflicted on what path he wanted to take in children’s healthcare while finishing his undergraduate time at IU. Dr. Kahn was at IU with several of Dr. Wiley’s family friends, including his dad, who saw the opportunity to introduce them at an alumni event. This friendship developed into a mentorship when Dr. Wiley completed observation hours for dental school at the office; Dr. Kahn showed him the excitement and rewarding nature of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Kahn continued to mentor Dr. Wiley while he completed his residency at nearby Riley Hospital for Children, frequently taking his calls and offering his recommendations. Their network of mutual friends, colleagues and interests continued to surprise them both.

After 29 years of providing oral healthcare to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas with only his team of assistants, hygienists and front office, Dr. Kahn decided it was time to think about who he would trust with the families he worked so hard to maintain from Dr. Herman. Years of friendship and mentoring made it easy for Dr. Kahn to decide who he wanted to expand on the legacy built by Dr. Herman and now himself. Dr. Wiley joined Dr. Kahn in the Fall of 2019, hoping to continue the sustained, excellent care offered at 6211 W. 30th St. for the past 58 years. Three homegrown Hoosiers dedicated to the families just like the ones they grew up with, hopefully at the same home for another 29 years…